Upcoming Projects

Secured Land – fill Site (TSDF) :

The solid/semi-solid hazardous wastes generated from various industries like Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) sludge, iron powder etc., disposal of which in haphazard way can cause great environmental impact, need to be disposed off into a scientifically developed secured land-fill site. The company intends to put-up such a site which will allow all industries spread over Gujarat to safely dispose their waste. The site will be designed, maintained and closed as per the set procedures.

Incinerator for solid / liquid hazardous waste :

There are certain types of industrial solid wastes and liquid wastes which are not suitable for disposal into a land – fill site i.e. process residue etc. For these types of wastes, an incinerator will be installed by the company to completely incinerate them to avoid danger of environmental contamination of such wastes. The incinerator too will be fully compliant of all relevant statutory norms.

Co-processing Fuel Facility :

There are certain types of wastes which have some Calorific Value still left in them which make them an ideal source to generate alternative fuels through proper combination and chemistry. The company will establish such a facility to facilitate waste conversion into reusable fuel thereby reducing the load of waste requiring disposal / incineration and contribute positively towards environmental conservation.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Company will also establish full-fledged ETP including Multiple Effluent Evaporator (MEE) to fully treat and dispose/reuse the effluent that will be generated through various in-house facilities of waste treatment / disposal.

E-waste management facility :

HELP Services Ltd. will also establish an electronic waste (e-waste) management facility that will collect, segregate and treat various types of electronic wastes and extract reusable metal and other material from disposable wastes.

Solvent Recovery System :

Company will also establish a distillation facility to recover good quality solvent from spent solvent which can be reused by the industries. The residue of distillation will be incinerated in the in-house incinerator.

Facility to recover Pure Sulphuric Acid from spent Acid :

A facility will also be established to recover pure Sulphuric Acid from sulphur bearing effluents through cleaner technology so that problem of treatment and disposal of spent acids too is taken care of. This facility too will be taken-up in phase-II of the project.