Industrial Packaging Materials

HELP is eco-friendly decontamination & recycling facility for contaminated waste packing material Barrels, Drums, carboys, Bottles, Bags, Boxes, Liners, Tins, tanks etc made up of any material generated from industrial units.

Location :
  • This facility is located at Block no. 135/1, Kajipura, National Highway No. 8, Tal. and Dist: Kheda.
  • The total area of premises is 12150 sq. yards.
  • There is no habitation in nearby area, hence the location is suitable for this type of industrial unit.
  • Fly ash bricks/pucca roads are provided all along the premises
Collection :
  • This facility has provided captive registered vehicles for collection of contaminated waste packing material generated from industrial units
  • The trained manpower with requisite Personal Protective Equipment is deputed for handling the material
  • The multi-copy manifest system is adopted for collection, transportation and disposal of waste packing material
Storage :
  • Approximate 6000 sq. yards area is allocated specifically for storage of contaminated packing material
  • The covered sheds with pucca flooring are provided with separate space allocated for each type of waste packing material
Process :
  • For decontamination, different processes adopted for different types of containers, based on Material of construction and contaminants it may contain
  • As the decontamination for each type of containers is specific, automated process cannot be adopted. Separate process is described as below
    • MS barrels/drums
    • Plastic barrels/carboys
    • Miscellaneous containers like tins, cans, bottles, bags, liners etc
    • Corrugated boxes and drums
Safety & Occupational Health :
  • Safety slogans are displayed at several locations within the premises
  • All workers are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment like;
    • Helmet
    • Hand Gloves
    • Safety Goggles
    • Safety Shoes/Gum Boot
  • First-Aid kit is provided and maintained on regular basis
  • Health check up are carried out regularly
Management of Efuent -1 :
  • To treat the wastewater generated from decontamination activity, the ETP is installed with the physico-chemical, tertiary treatment facilities followed by Multiple Effect Evaporator to attain ZERO DISCHARGE.
  • The physico-chemical treatment involves Oil & Grease Removal, neutralization with coagulant
  • The tertiary treatment involves Pressure Sand Filtration and Activated Carbon Filtration
Management of Efuent-2 :
  • The outlet of the Effluent Treatment Plant is stored in Holding tank before evaporation.
  • The Multiple Effect Evaporator is provided for evaporation of treated wastewater
  • The condensate of MEE is stored in separate tank and used for decontamination
  • The drain/Sludge from MEE is dried in Sludge Drying beds and finally disposed off to TSDF site of NEPL
Environmental Laboratory Set up  :
  • For day to day analysis of wastewater, the environmental laboratory with required lab equipment has been provided
  • Following equipment have been provided
    • BOD Incubator
    • COD Digester
    • Muffle Furnace
    • pH meter
    • Hot Air oven
    • Magnetic stirrer
Management of Decontaminated packing material :
  • After decontamination of any packing material like drum/carboy/barrel etc, the same is supplied to similar type of industrial units for further use
  • Due care is taken that this type of packing material is not supplied for any domestic purpose
Environmental Laboratory Set up :

The facility is committed for environmental concerns. this concern is fulfilled by developing green belt within the premises