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About Hindustan Enviro Life Protection Services Ltd.

India is the second most populous country, which has about 16 percent of the world population and 25 percent of the land area. Rapid industrialization last few decades have led to the depletion of pollution of precious natural resources in India depletes and pollutes resources continuously. Further the rapid industrial developments have, also, led to the generation of huge quantities of hazardous wastes, which have further aggravated the environmental problems in the country by depleting and polluting natural resources. Therefore, rational and sustainable utilization of natural resources and its protection from toxic releases is vital for sustainable socio-economic development.

Hazardous waste management is a new concept for most of the Asian countries including India. The lack of technical and financial resources and the regulatory control for the management of hazardous wastes in the past had led to the unscientific disposal of hazardous wastes in India, which posed serious risks to human, animal and plant life.

Due to the growing industrialization and awareness among the people for the management of waste, coupled with the Government's initiative to include the protection and improvement of environment in the constitution, the waste management has become the need of the hour. This also has created huge demand for such services with the modern technology which can help prevent further decay to the environment.

With this background, the main promoters, Mr Ahmed Lakadia and Mr Dipen Banker, initiated to put up the most advanced integrated facility for waste management. Gujarat is highly industrialized state of India and is prominently growing state in terms of coming up industrial units. However, though the state has many units for industrial waste management, located in industrial areas, integrated waste management and processing facility has not been created since it requires large financial input.

The promoters then joined hands with various others and commenced implementing the idea. With the integrated unit, many processes are involved as per the latest technology and these processes are discussed elsewhere in this report. Since Mr Ahmed Lakadia has been in the business of decontamination of used oil drums, he has been in the waste management for many years. While finalizing the project, the following processes were finalized for the project

Upcoming Projects

· Secured Land – fill Site (TSDF) :
· Incinerator for solid / liquid hazardous waste :
· Co-processing Fuel Facility :
· Decontamination facility for discarded containers/ carboys / barrels / drums etc. :
· Recycling Facility for Wastes like Paper, Plastic, Glass, Metal etc.
· Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
· E-waste management facility :
· Solvent Recovey System :
· Used Oil & Waste Oil re-refining unit / park :
· Facility to recover Pure Sulphuric Acid from spent Acid :


HELP Services Ltd. is a company promoted by a young team of professionals drawn from various fields like environment and pollution control, waste management, finance etc. All the promoters have a rich experience of minimum 15 to 20 years in their respective field. The company is registered with the Registrar of Companies and has its' registered office in Ahmedabad.

HELP Services Ltd. plans to enter the ever expanding field of industrial hazardous waste management by putting up an Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Facility / Park to take care of waste management issues across the industrial spectrum. The company is on the lookout for suitable land (approx. 6 lakh sq. mtrs.) to put up the project and has narrowed down to 2-3 locations in Kheda district and Ahmedabad district in the heart of Gujarat. The capital cost of the project is likely to be approximately Rs. 200 Crores and employment potential of the project will be around 150 people.

On completion and commissioning, it will be first of its' kind, state-of-the-art complete waste management facility for all industries in Gujarat and will relieve industries of all types of waste problems as the project will serve as a single window solution.

Apart from the waste management facility, it will also house ultra-modern support facilities like a Seminar Hall, Display Centre, Laboratory, Auditorium, R & D Center etc.

The company has been registered with ROC with CIN U90009GJ2012PLC073176 dated 31st December 2012 and commencement certificate dated 6th January 2013.

The company has signed an MOU with the Government of Gujarat at Vibrant Gujarat Summit during 2012 for the proposed project.